ABout Jersey

Jersey has a unique constitutional position. Although its allegiance is to the British Crown, it is not part of the UK and is not represented in the British Houses of Parliament. The Island’s domestic autonomy has been preserved via charter and convention since 1204. Jersey has its own democratically elected Parliament, which has consistently maintained responsibility for domestic affairs, including fiscal matters. 

The Island has a long-standing reputation for attracting both successful companies and the people that run them to its beautiful shores.  It is a location for people who want to work in a thriving business centre, but who also care about having a great lifestyle.







118.2 sq km - 46.14 miles






The official language is English with Portuguese and Polish widely spoken


Pound Sterling £



Political System

Constitutional Monarchy, Parliamentary Democracy


Head of State

Queen Elizabeth II



Chief Minister

Ian Gorst 


International Airport

1.5+ Million Passengers

30+ Destinations


£4.11 billion