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The Powerhouse
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Jersey Electricity plc is the sole supplier of electricity in Jersey, serving almost 50,000 domestic and commercial customers. We are a fully integrated utility operating across all activities in the energy supply chain, dealing in the importation, generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Providing affordable, secure and sustainable energy is our core objective.  

We meet over a third of the Island’s total energy requirements and around 95% of the electricity we supply is imported from low carbon, hydro (35%) and nuclear (65%) sources in France through two undersea supply cables. The remainder comes from local generation at La Collette Power Station, Queen’s Road and the States-owned Energy from Waste Plant.  Jersey Electricity has been instrumental in the Island’s success in decarbonising the energy system by around one third since 1990 despite a 40% increase in the consumption of electricity.   A third cable, known as Normandie 1 (N1), is scheduled to be installed in 2016 and will replace our first interconnector that came to the end of its life in 2012. N1 will enable us to meet the Island’s full demand even during winter peaks with low carbon supplies. It will also further strengthen the Island’s security of electricity supplies.  

We also invest heavily in our on-Island network to ensure reliability of supply and are currently building a new £17m primary substation in St Helier to secure existing and new supplies to the north, south and west of town.  We operate a number of other businesses, including contracting business (JEBS), the largest electrical retailer in Jersey (Powerhouse), a commercial and residential property portfolio, a software development consultancy for utilities (Jendev) and leading Channel Islands environmental and building services advisory firm (Jersey Energy).  

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