Business Blogging For Beginners

Katherine Salt

Business Blogging For Beginners

Getting your site to the top of Google is no easy task and you may have read the best way of doing this is to start writing a blog. But where do you start and what on earth do you write about? Whatever business you are in you will find that blogging can help you find new customers and connect with existing ones.

Join us for this half day training session to learn the secrets of an effective business blog.

Benefits Of Blogging

– Why should you blog for your business

Blogging Basics

– Essentials to a well set up blog
– Types of content

Blog Topics

– Tips to finding topics to write about
– Optimising your content for search

Attracting Readers

– Importance of post layout
– Using content to keep readers returning.
– Building the audience
– Blog promotion and marketing

Tracking and Analysis

– Methods to track the success of your blog
– Overview of using Google Analytics for your blog

7 October 2015
9:30am - 12:30pm
Digital Jersey

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