Beneficial Owners Register Seminar


Beneficial Owners Register Seminar


The JFSC would like to meet local tech developers to update them on the changes being introduced to manage Jersey’s Beneficial Owners register. Attendees will gain an insight of technical opportunities for local businesses and the technical teams within trust and company service providers (TCSPs) to take a proactive role in this process. 


Background: At the start of November 2016, the Government of Jersey published an enhanced policy on beneficial ownership and a register of directors. The policy ensures that Jersey continues to fulfil its obligation as a responsible international finance centre. It considers recent developments on the increasing need for law enforcement authorities to have access to information quickly to investigate financial crime, particularly where terrorist financing is concerned. The policy will require the TCSP to update the central registry within 21 days of knowledge of a change of beneficial ownership of a corporate that they administer.

John Harris, Registrar of Companies and Director General of the JFSC said “the timelines for the implementation are very tight and, in order to meet the deadlines, we will be working with industry and related interest groups…to ensure the process of delivery is efficient and effective.”

The session will run for approximately and hour an outline of which is below:


Welcome & Introduction - George Pearmain

Summary of the States of Jersey position on the Beneficial Ownership Register


Commission Role & Registry Roadmap - Julian Lamb

Intro to the role JFSC will play in helping to coordinate the new requirements
Overview of current roadmap for change, including an insight to technical opportunities for local businesses and the technical teams within TCB industry


Technical Roadmap & Impact - Denis Philippe

What the roadmap for the Commission is with respect to technology and how we will make it accessible to industry.  What does this mean for industry

Enrolment / Accession Testing


Portal & API Overview - Gary Walsh

Overview of the Portal and API


Breakout session 1 – Kenan Osborne

Capture questions concerns, facilitation by members of the JFSC team

Playback of Session 1 - Kenan Osborne

Breakout session 2 - discussion on how JFSC and local technical providers can support their customers meet the enhanced requirements for managing informing JFSC of changes to Beneficial Ownership

Playback of Session 2 - Kenan Osborne 

Wrap up and next steps - Julian Lamb


28 November 2016
10:00 - 11:00 & 14:00 - 15:00

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