Creative Industries Jersey Meet Up

Creative Industries Jersey

Creative Industries Jersey Meet Up

Please join us for a meeting to learn more about what the Creative Industries Jersey is / can be and to create a 'set-up' team.

Jersey is well placed to develop its creative industries for a number of reasons and we together need to improve the commerical capacity of Jersey's Creative Industires and to identify barriers and drivers in productivity and growth within the creative economy. 

The creative industries sector has grown to become a distinct economic sector in Jersey as well as becoming influential in shaping our cultural identity, and is increasingly becoming a key attribute in a globally competitive island economy. 

The creative industries is an economic sector which offers opportunities for investment, opportunities for employment, opportunities for economic diversification, and opportunities to enrich the identity of Jersey. 

To remain innovative, a nation, even an island nation, must continue to attract the world’s sharpest and most creative minds. And to do that, it needs to invest in further development of its talent base from both internal and external sources, because wherever talent goes, innovation, creativity, and economic growth will follow.

25 June 2015
7pm - 9pm
Hautlieu School, Wellington Road, JE2 7TH St. Saviour, Jersey

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