Digital Jersey Teachmeet (DJ Skills Event)

Professor Stephen Heppell

Digital Jersey Teachmeet (DJ Skills Event)

A Teachmeet is an organised but informal meeting adopting the style of an unconference. Educators of all levels are invited to share their ideas, good practice and personal insights to support each other using technology in learning.


Attendees have 2 or 7 minutes to share an idea with the group, which could involve showcasing a product, a piece of software or a tool or strategy to improve learner interest and engagement or for teachers' professional learning. We do encourage attendees to bring an idea to discuss with the group, no matter how big or small, as the success of the Teachmeet is down to the attendees and their involvement. 


There are many benefits of Teachmeets, not least the support and collaboration with fellow teachers, but it provides you with the opportunity to learn from each other and take ideas back to your School and make them work and develop ideas for the next Teachmeet.


Digital Jersey invites all teachers to the first Teachmeet at the Digital Jersey Hub with Professor Stephen Heppell on Thursday 16th April 2015 at 16:00. If you would like to attend the first Teachmeet, please contact Digital Jersey at .


Spaces are limited to 120 teachers

16:00: Welcome & Refreshments

16:15: Introduction from Stephen Heppell

16:30: Presentations begin

17:15: Closing words from Stephen Heppell

17:30 Event Close

16 April 2015
Digital Jersey Hub, Block 3, Grenville Street, St Helier, JE2 4UF

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