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Founder and Director, Infinite Lightbulb

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Ian Jauncey


Do you know how likely you are to succeed?  Really? It’s crucial, because at some point every business needs others to risk their cash on you, whether it’s a grant, loan, equity or simple credit terms.  

Getting the funding right isn’t just about raising money to get going.  Take in too much or too little equity funding and you’ll over dilute or run out of cash.  Approach funding the wrong way and you’ll spend too much time chasing the money and not enough focussed on the business.

Not matter what stage your business is at, there’s funding available in Jersey.  Unlocking it may not appear straightforward but good guidance can make all the difference.


I Chose to Be a Mentor Because...

I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs fail because they’ve not got to grips with the realities of how funding works.  It’s a fact that more than 90% of startups fail, more often due to self-destruction rather than competition.

It’s not just about the money – get the right backers and they’ll open up relationships, make introductions and leverage opportunities.

Although I now spend most of my time putting tech companies outside of the island together with funding, I’ve been in the local tech scene for over a decade, helped establish Digital Jersey and currently head it’s Funding group.

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