Open source OpenNMS

Dr Craig Gallen

Open source OpenNMS

OpenNMS ( is an advanced service and network management platform with over 10 years of development entirely as an Open Source project written in Java. It is used by organisations around the world to manage large and small networks and also to manage application infrastructures. In the UK its users include BT, Zen Internet, TMX Atrium, Loughborough University and Arqiva. The platform is also embedded by vendors such as Juniper Networks who have embed it in Junos Space.

In this talk Craig will give an overview and demo of the latest key features of OpenNMS and explain how it can be used to significantly improve your IT Service Assurance no matter what the size of your organisation. He will cover the future roadmap and explain how OpennMS is increasingly raising the bar against considerably more expensive closed source solutions.

Dr Craig Gallen has worked for many years in the field of Network Management and was a product manager for Nortel Networks. His doctoral research into the use of open source network management solutions in service providers lead him to become a committer to the OpenNMS project. He now evangelises for the OpenNMS project and provides OpenNMS consultancy through his own company entimOSS Limited which is the UK partner of the OpenNMS group in the USA. For more information please see

Target Audience:

  • CIO's /  Data Centre managers
  • Telecoms or IT network managers
  • Sys Admins or anyone interested in

Buffet lunch for those registered!

26 September 2014
Digital Jersey Hub

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