Posted Wednesday 11th November 2015

Software Engineer

Criptyque- Pryvate Limited

Responsible for designing and developing software for interaction with our Website, Intranet, Customer Relationship Systems, Accounting systems and Voice over IP (VoIP) Networks. Also create, test, and evaluate software applications and systems to make our network function.

Primary responsibilities

•    Design and test and develop software applications and systems
•    Develop different types of software for unified communications, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, and middleware.
•    Apply knowledge of computing systems and software structure.
•    Analyze users' needs and create flowcharts, diagrams, and other documentation.
•    Create manuals and detailed sets of instructions including algorithms that tell devices what to do.
•    Convert instructions into computer languages.
•    Construct, deploy, and maintain general computer applications software or specialized programs.
•    Develop packaged computer applications.
•    Create customized applications for businesses.
•    Develop website frontend and databases backend services
•    Writing and testing codes and then refining and rewriting as necessary
•    Coordinate the construction and maintenance of computer systems.
•    Coordinate department needs and make suggestions regarding its technical direction.
•    Set up organization's intranets.
•    Design and implement system security and data assurance.
•    Configure, implement, and install the computer systems of other organizations. 
•    Identify and explain needed changes.
•    Ensure security across systems being configured.

Key Skills Required

  •  SQL, C++, XML, Ruby, Python and PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, REST, Bootstrap JS, AngularJS, and/or NodeJS 
  • Knowledge of Windows and and Linux operating systems
  •  Basic knowledge with ICT / VoIP technologies such as SIP, SIPs, RTP and ZRTP 
  • Knowledge of Encryption and Cryptology technologies such as 3DES, AES, RSA 4096 bit encryption.
  • Knowledge of Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) technologies
  • Numerical and analytical and teamworking skills
  • Ability to work to another’s design
  • Adjusts working hours to accommodate busy periods.
  • Good communication skills and Commercial awareness

Qualifications and training required

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science.
2-3 years of experience in developing interactive web based systems and  interfaces


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