Posted Tuesday 10th September 2013

Digital Jersey calls for ambassadors

For those passionate about the future of education

Digital Jersey calls for ambassadors

Education and Skills are a key area of focus for Digital Jersey. Working to build and nurture talent on the island is part of our remit to develop the vision of a connected community.

In line with its vision, Digital Jersey is launching a number of ambitious projects that need the help of people who are passionate about the future of education to act as Ambassadors.

As an Ambassador, you would support Digital Jersey with projects by, for example, providing help and guidance to students and teachers, working with them on various projects and providing technical support, where necessary. Our initial priority will be the Digital Learning Hub, due to become operational in early 2014.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for 20 industry professionals to volunteer to act as Ambassadors, who are technically capable and would like to help us to build positive links between schools, students and the wider business community. The role will require approximately two hours a fortnight of your time. Whether you are an avid programmer, web developer or software engineer, your help would be greatly appreciated and will contribute to the long-term growth of the digital sector island.


If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador or require more information

Please contact Rebecca Elliott.