Posted Wednesday 14th January 2015

Digital Jersey Statement on E-Gaming

In line with Digital Jersey’s support of Jersey’s presence in the eGaming sector, we are pleased to see the purchase of the Island’s first Remote Gambling Operator’s License. The license is a product of recent changes in legislation and enables eGaming companies to base their operations in Jersey while reaching a global audience. This is a positive step forward for Jersey’s growing eGaming industry, which has the potential to generate significant opportunities for the Island’s economy.

Digital Jersey Statement on E-Gaming

The time is right for Jersey to assert its place as the premium cost-effective jurisdiction in the eGaming market. Recent changes in domestic legislation have freed up Jersey for eGaming companies by maximising flexibility, agility and cost-effectiveness. These developments, alongside the creation of the independent Jersey Gambling Commission, mean the legislative and regulatory framework is in place to create a thriving eGaming industry here while always adhering to the highest standards. The Jersey Gambling Commission upholds strict criteria relating to age verification and levels of play, ensuring all Jersey-based gambling operations are fair, reliable and well-regulated.  The Commission has been described by Steve Hickson director of Twelve40 Ltd as “extremely approachable and helpful throughout the entire application process.”

Jersey offers the cheapest tier one jurisdiction licence costs available and our attractive tax environment arguably make us the most competitively priced jurisdiction in the world.  Jersey is already the established home of world-class banking, legal and technology services boasting extensive experience in eGaming worldwide.

This combination of legislative innovation, Jersey-based eGaming experts and the most cost-effective licensing and taxation make Jersey a natural choice for eGaming companies to base their operations. The global eGaming industry promises excellent benefits for Jersey, alongside facilitating the growth of our homegrown eGaming businesses.

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