Posted Thursday 11th June 2015

Digital Skill Swap Launched! is a resource for Channel Islanders who possess digital skills and who want to learn more. The concept is simple: you have digital skills and you want to learn more, others have complementary skills and want to learn more, now you meet up and teach each other.

Digital Skill Swap Launched!


There exist several local initiatives for mentoring and teaching people new digital skills. For example, Techtribes have a free ‘Mentors in Jersey’ list and Digital Jersey have a mentor page but Digital Skill Swap is to be more of a bartering system. To participate, you must possess digital skills and be proficient enough to teach them to others.

You don’t need to be the world’s leading expert on a subject to participate - just know enough to respect the other person’s time and help them gain knowledge. It works best if you keep it simple at first!

The net result will be a more highly skilled workforce in the Channel Islands, which can only be a good thing for the digital sector.


To get started, visit and sign up.

Periodic email summaries of which skills are offered, the best venues, and who to contact will be sent to those who sign up. The decision of who, when, and where to meet is left to the users but some group meet-ups may be organised if helpful.


See Tom Brossman's idea behind Digital Skill Swap here.