Posted Tuesday 28th November 2017

Digital Jersey to enhance Jersey’s IoT sector with brand new Internet of Things ‘Lab’

Digital Jersey has secured funding to create a dedicated Internet of Things Lab (“IoT Lab”) to successfully establish Jersey’s IoT sector.

Digital Jersey to enhance Jersey’s IoT sector with brand new  Internet of Things ‘Lab’

This approach will support the growth of new and existing businesses in Jersey far beyond what would be achieved organically, by enabling innovative product development opportunities to increase revenue and create new jobs.

Taking into account the digital industry’s global movement towards developing IoT technology, and Jersey’s potential to become a leading IoT testbed, Digital Jersey is focusing resources on developing an IoT sector in Jersey. Digital Jersey has been working closely with members (including JT, Sure, Airtel and JEC plus other utility companies, States Information Services Department, Department for Infrastructure, and other SoJ departments), to develop an IoT strategy to solve problems in Jersey, improve efficiencies and create a testbed for various new IoT initiatives in this area.

Tony Moretta, CEO of Digital Jersey said “We are delighted to be given the go ahead to create a facility that will offer a focal point for businesses to collaborate and share resources, apply research to real-life scenarios, and turn IoT ideas into commercial ventures. The IoT Lab will offer access to world-leading internet speeds, a data platform for analysing large data sets collected from IoT sensors around Jersey, and communal workshop space for building and testing IoT devices”.

Digital Jersey already has experience of developing and supporting other dedicated work spaces, including the Digital Jersey Hub and the Barclays Eagle Lab, facilities that have different uses and audiences, and believes that the IoT Lab will complement these by providing a focused work space purely for building and testing IoT applications. Together, these spaces will form a compelling and marketable proposition for Jersey as a digital business centre, both on and off island.