Posted Tuesday 16th September 2014

Digital Jersey Hub Resident Appointed as EU Code Week Ambassador

Digital Jersey Hub resident, Jordan Love, co-founder of Codex DLD and National Coding Week has been appointed as EU Code Week Ambassador for the UK.

Digital Jersey Hub Resident Appointed as EU Code Week Ambassador

EU Code Week will run from 11th – 17th October, following National Coding Week on the 21st September, the purpose is to engage businesses and adults in learning new and relevant coding skills. EU Code week celebrates coding in Europe by encouraging local organisations and volunteers to come together to showcase their skills and initiatives. European citizens of all ages can get involved by organising workshops, seminars and study groups, regardless of their level of skill. Basic Coding skills are becoming increasingly necessary in the modern workplace, with demand for ICT professionals in the EU growing annually.

Jordan Love is one of two representatives for the UK and he will be responsible for promoting EU Code Week. Jordan is a resident of the Digital Jersey Hub and a young entrepreneur specialising in teaching adults to build their confidence and skills in coding and digital literacy. He has provided new opportunities for Islanders through his involvement in various coding projects, including re-skilling programmes for the unemployed and facilitating work placements in Jersey and Guernsey.

Following his appointment as EU Code Ambassador, Jordan Love commented:

“I am extremely pleased to be confirmed as the EU Code Week Ambassador. I am passionate about the digital sector and the exciting opportunities that coding skills offer. My involvement in the re-skilling programmes and work placements show that coding can benefit everyone and even change lives; as it did mine”.

Keep up to date with EU Code week and more by following the hashtag #CodeEU and Jordan’s own twitter @thejordanlove