Posted Tuesday 12th April 2016

Global launch for Jersey based predictive marketing site

A Jersey based entrepreneur has worked with a global team to launch a new marketing tool for small to medium size businesses (SMEs). 99% of SMEs won't reach their full potential and one of the main reasons is poor marketing. The new site promises to help change that after developing a predictive algorithm that suggests marketing campaigns and activities most likely to work.

Global launch for Jersey based predictive marketing site has already attracted interest from venture capitalists in the US and Europe to further refine the model and is launching the site globally in April. It aims to measure the ROI (return on investment) of a company’s marketing. It does this by using four powerful marketing management tools together to rank and monitor existing marketing activities and suggest new campaigns which show the highest potential. Local experts around the world are also used to provide additional targeted support. As new campaign information is added the system learns what works best for a particular business.

Entrepreneur, Simon Angelo founded following an 18 year career heading up an advertising agency running direct response ads on TV, radio and through online channels around the world.  Direct response is acknowledged as one of the most challenging areas of advertising since every ad has to make clients money.

‘Once clients find the right mix of marketing activities that work,’ Simon says, ‘They can usually grow quite quickly if they have a good product or service.  However, the challenge is finding activities both in traditional media and online that can actually acquire new customers in a profitable way.  This becomes even more challenging when companies are marketing offshore.  However, the good news is that with media becoming more and more fragmented, there are more opportunities than ever before for small and medium businesses.’

Adzet has an office in the UK and is based at the Digital Jersey Hub in Jersey, the industry centre which supports digital start ups on the island and the growing digital economy.

The idea for Adzet initially came from using and watching the growth of SaaS (Software as a Service) providers like Xero: ‘The accounting function of a business can now be managed online pretty well,’ Simon says.  ‘The marketing function is just as important, as alongside innovation it is the only function that actually produces growth.  If we can get more small and medium businesses growing, that can create jobs and economic growth, as small businesses are the engine room of economies.’

Simon won the TIG Best Technology Start-up in 2010 and the Technium Challenge UK in 2011.

Adzet is available through a variety of payment plans, including a free trial period and all plans are free of contracts, setup fees and come with a 100% money back guarantee.