Posted Monday 2nd February 2015

Jersey eGaming Hits Milestone of Over 100 Enquiries in First 21 Days

Jersey eGaming received in excess of 100 enquiries in 21 days following the Island’s launch as an eGaming jurisdiction, with several licence applications already in process.

Jersey eGaming Hits Milestone of Over 100 Enquiries in First 21 Days

In response to enquiries since its January launch, Jersey eGaming has been demonstrating how the eGaming industry has evolved since the ‘90s into a regulated, global, multi million-dollar business, and what Jersey can offer that is new or unique as the latest, emerging jurisdiction. Part of this has been highlighting Jersey’s position as a leading tier-one jurisdiction for Listing or place of IPO. Jersey eGaming has also been responding to a large amount of interest from industry press and local press.

Jersey is already en-route with both B2C and B2B licence application objectives, with several applications already in process. Digital businesses, some not even requiring Jersey Gambling Commission licences, are also expressing interest in relocating to Jersey following the recent launch. These developments are welcomed by a cross-section of Jersey’s industry and government, leading to an enhancement of skills and the digital industry on the Island, in line with Jersey’s broader diversification strategy.

Andy Jarrett, Director at Digital Jersey, commented:

“That Jersey eGaming has achieved so much interest in just 3 weeks is a clear indication of the quality of what the Island has to offer the eGaming industry, and also the industry’s appetite for a fresh cost-effective jurisdiction which combines legislative innovation and solid experience. It’s clear the momentum around Jersey eGaming is continuing to grow, and Jersey can provide the whole package for eGaming companies from world-leading Listing/IPO purchase possibilities, to expert legal advice and excellent technology services. Our message is that Jersey is well and truly open for eGaming business, and has all the resources to be the next global hub for eGaming operations.”

Jersey eGaming is exhibiting at the 2015 ICE global eGaming conference 3rd-5th February, with representatives from a cross-section of Island industry and Assistant Chief Minister, Philip Ozouf.