Posted Tuesday 16th May 2017

Digital Jersey Hub Celebrates 3 Years of Growth

The Digital Jersey Hub opened its doors three years ago and is now at the centre of the fastest growing industry in Jersey. At last night’s Digital Jersey Hub’s 3rd birthday celebrations, Tony Moretta, Digital Jersey’s CEO told the audience that Jersey needs a place like the Hub. Like all communities, we need a physical space, we need a place to meet, to talk, to collaborate, to teach and to learn, to build businesses and to build a new economy.

The central importance of digital to Jersey’s future was outlined by the Chief Minister, Ian Gorst who stated that “Technology is going to transform our business and financial services industry and I think it’s going to transform it even faster than we now think it is going to do, Digital Jersey and the Hub have got an absolutely critical part to play in this”.

The digital sector now employs around 5% of the Island’s workforce, acting as a magnet for investment to contribute towards Jersey’s future as a high-value, high-skilled economy. Whilst the Hub acts as a central space for the tech community to learn, grow and meet likeminded people, develop ideas and contribute to Island life, Digital Jersey as a whole is working towards a digital first agenda, creating the right conditions for digital businesses to start and grow and improving the Island’s global business reach.

The Hub is currently home to 16 digital entrepreneurs on dedicated desks and over the three years it has seen many fledgling businesses develop and leave to take their own office space as they grow and employ local staff. In addition, there are currently 55 small businesses and 245 individual members of the Hub, using the hot desk space and meeting room facilities. Larger corporate members of Digital Jersey also utilise the Hub for their staff and attend the many industry talks and networking events.