Posted Monday 27th April 2015

Updated verison of JIF application form & guidance notes

There is a new version of the Jersey Innovation Fund application form which includes guidance notes, hopefully making it more user-friendly and straight forward than the original.

Updated verison of JIF application form & guidance notes

What is the Jersey Innovation Fund (JIF)?

The Jersey Innovation Fund (JIF) provides loans and business support to entrepreneurs, start-ups and established organisations that want to bring new and innovative products or services to the market.

We want to encourage original business ideas and improve Jersey's international competitiveness. 

In exceptional circumstances, grants may also be available.​​

Criteria for applications to the Jersey Innovation Fund (JIF)

We invite applications to the JIF from anyone seeking financial support for a new business idea, product or service.  

​You can apply to the fund if you're:

  • ​an individual
  • a sole trader
  • a corporate body
  • a third sector organisation
  • a business
  • a partnership

You can only apply if:

  • ​the total amount requested is less than £500,000
  • the application is in sterling
  • the project will be located in Jersey

How to apply to the Jersey Innovation Fund (JIF)​

You should download the application form below and submit it alongside a business plan to the JIF executive officer. 

The application process is:

  • a completed application form and business plan should be submitted to the JIF executive officer
  • your application will be assessed by the JIF advisory board, who will let you know if your application will go to the next stage 
  • ​​​​you may be ​asked for additional information so your application can be assessed​ for its economic impact
  • ​based upon the recommendation of the JIF advisory board, the final decision to award funding is made by the minister for Economic Development​