Our people


The Digital Jersey Board is made up of 5 board members: Tony Moretta, Elisabeth Astall, Aaron Chatterley, Paul Masterton & Gailina Lieu. 

We also have two Special Advisers: Dave Birch & Siim Sikkut. To find out more about our Special Advisers and Board click here

The Digital Jersey Team is made up of 8 members: Tony Moretta, Chris Knight, Julie Murphy, James Linder, Lloyd Adams, Courtney L'Enfant, Gwyn Garfield-Bennett and Megan White. To find out more about the team click here. 


Digital Jersey works closely with many partners and stakeholders – members, companies, schools, States of Jersey Departments, Ministers, charities and international organisations. Formal and informal meet ups at the Hub are proving rewarding, enabling and highly valuable.

Digital Jersey’s partners include Locate Jersey, the government organisation responsible for promoting, attracting and retaining inward investment for Jersey and Jersey Business, a government supported but independent organisation providing total support and advisory services to Jersey businesses, and Jersey Finance Limited, the island’s development agency for financial services.