Our purpose


Digital Jersey was established in 2013 as the principal driver of government efforts to establish Jersey as an internationally recognisable centre for the digital industries. As a result, our primary aims are to foster growth in digital employment, increase the sectors local value and build brand awareness.  



As a member-driven organisation, Digital Jersey provides a recognisable face and touchstone for the island’s digital industries. In this capacity, the organisation voices and supports a community of stakeholders’ visions for the digital sector by acting as the interface between industry and government. 



our Objectives 


What we do


  • Digital Jersey works with third parties to enhance the visibility of Jersey’s digital sector by building brand reach and promoting success stories
  • As an industry association we work with the collective to support, facilitate and encourage industry-driven working groups and their initiatives
  • Digital Jersey works alongside government to ensure that local companies are considered during public procurement processes
  • Recognising the importance and need for local businesses to access talent, we advise employers on applications for work permissions
  • We support inward investors and relocations in processing necessary legal documentation with our partner organisations, Locate Jersey and Jersey Business
  • We work as the interface between industry and government in shaping the regulatory and legislative needs of the sector
  • Our team is proactive in connecting businesses with investors and also provide support to companies applying for funding support, including to the Jersey Innovation Fund
  • We bring people and ideas to Jersey as part of promoting our digital identity, through a vibrant on-Island workshop and event schedule



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