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Andrew Frith

Andrew Frith got into “computing” early – being one of the” BBC Micro” generation, and quickly got into building his first semi-commercial system for a local farmer to track milk yield for the prize herd. Despite the early signs of geekiness, there’s a deeply practical thread to everything Andrew has been involved in during his 30-year career of solving business problems with information and technology solutions, across a variety of different industries.

Andrew has spent a considerable part of his career working with public bodies and government agencies in the NHS, social care, education and local authority space. A former director for the UK’s national Health and Social Care Informatics agency, Andrew has variously advised on policy, run national data services, managed large complex change programmes, and delivered some innovative first-of-type solutions in that challenging sector.

In late 2016 and early 2017 Andrew was co-commissioned by Digital Jersey and Jersey Health and Social Services Department to create a digital strategy for the sector, bringing together the disparate threads of health and care technology activities into a coherent plan.