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Lloyd Adams

Head of Member and Stakeholder Relations

Lloyd has 10 years’ experience in government relations, policy development and communications strategy – with a focus on tech and financial services.

Whilst at techUK (previously Intellect), which represents more than 900 companies and about half of all tech jobs in the UK, Lloyd developed policy positions on cross-industry matters such as Cloud, Big Data and Analytics, in order to influence UK Government and regulatory bodies.

At the British Bankers’ Association, the representative body of the banking sector, Lloyd directed the industry’s approach on key issues, including: fintech, challenger banking and areas of retail banking. Most notably he negotiated a data agreement between the banking industry and UK Government known as midata; this initiative improves transparency across the banking industry by making it easy for customers to upload current account data to price comparison websites, which allows them to compare and identify best value.

Lloyd then moved to the Government of Jersey, where his role was to enable a business environment to create and support a thriving Digital industry. He was also part of the Financial Services Unit who ensure that the legal, regulatory and policy framework is suitable to secure Jersey’s future as a leading International Finance Centre.

As Head of Member and Stakeholder Relations at Digital Jersey, Lloyd is responsible for working with the Government, Regulators and Industry to deliver initiatives for improving Jersey’s digital business environment and to develop Jersey as a recognised digital jurisdiction.