Living in Jersey

Jersey is the location for people who want to work in a thriving business centre, but who want to balance that with a great lifestyle.

Aerial View of Gorey Harbour in Summer

Getting to Jersey

Located in the English Channel, 85 miles from England’s south coast and 14 miles from France, Jersey is well connected for travel, by both air and sea; with a flight time of under an hour, direct from London.

Direct flights to major European technology centres, including London, Dublin, Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, put Jersey at the hub of a worldwide transport network.

Jersey Life

A relaxed pace of life, beautiful countryside, clean and pure air, southerly climate, and the ability to be on the beach minutes after leaving the office means that Jersey offers a great work-life balance.

With a selection of Michelin-starred restaurants, three championship golf courses, an abundance of outdoor activities, and a wealth of nature, heritage and culture, there is always something new to experience in Jersey.

English is the main language spoken in Jersey, and the currency is British Pound Sterling.

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Corbiere Lighthouse surrounded by stormy winter seas


Jersey has a favourable tax regime with low personal tax rates, a 0/10 corporate tax regime, and no Capital Gains or inheritance tax.

For more information on taxation in Jersey, please visit the States of Jersey tax website.

Relocating to Jersey

Despite being just nine miles by five, Jersey offers a wide selection of property options. From stylish contemporary apartments, beachside properties with stunning sea views, to traditional granite country houses. All property sales and leases are overseen by Jersey’s Housing Minister, who also grants licences to High Value Residents. Working with our partners Locate Jersey, we can help you find the right home for you and your family.


Jersey Healthcare

Jersey has a comprehensive health service that offers excellent facilities, combined with a very high standard of care. The Island also has reciprocal health agreements in place covering specific treatments that may require care at specialist UK units. Currently, investment is being made in the development of hospital services including the introduction of a range of Digital Health initiatives.

Schools in Jersey

The Island has a top class education system and is a safe and secure environment for you and your family.

There are three types of schools in Jersey: free States of Jersey schools, fee-paying States of Jersey schools, and private fee-paying schools, where fees can be as little as a third of those in the UK. Jersey provides a high standard of education across the sector, outperforming schools in most parts of the UK. The Island’s school, sports, and leisure facilities, are among the best in the British Isles.

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Key contact

If you think that Jersey could offer you the work-life balance you are looking for, then please get in touch.

As well as helping you move your business, Digital Jersey can help with the relocation of your family. Working with our partners Locate Jersey, we can help answer any questions you may have regarding schools, education, housing and employment.