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Digital Skills Partnership

The Digital Skills Partnership is designed to bring together industry and education, to co-deliver the Digital Skills Strategy 2018-2023, following the recommendations of the University of Exeter.

Award & Assess

Industry accreditation of courses and where appropriate, assessment of skills.

To support Digital Jersey and Skills Jersey in assessing and awarding ‘digital training’ by co-certificating skills initiatives.

Industry Promotion and Engagement

Driving interest in and awareness of digital training and working opportunities.

To provide guidance and information to Digital Jersey and Skills Jersey to aid us in promoting the industry and its opportunities to key influencers, Jersey Nationals abroad, and the students themselves.

Develop & Deliver

Targeted creation and coordination of new courses

To guide education partners in:

  • designing and implementing a Digital Degree Apprenticeship
  • hosting a programme of short-courses and training seminars
  • boosting student employability
  • addressing immediate skills needs by coordinating internships and work placements. For instance:
    • University partnerships for year in industry placements etc.
    • Opportunities for students in Jersey to boost their employability via ‘discover digital’ schemes
Suitable Resources

To guarantee the quality of delivery

To guide the Education Department in identifying helpful resources that improve access to computing qualifications, this could include:

  • supporting the use of online learning
  • the upgrading of IT equipment/infrastructure
  • creating opportunities for teachers to undertake secondments in industry, helping to ensure relevant learning is imparted on students.
Founder, Feelunique

Aaron Chatterley

Digital Jersey

James Linder/Tony Moretta

Skills Jersey

David Roworth

Jersey Finance

Karolina Nawrociak

Government of Jersey ICT Department

Andrew Sugden

Royal Bank of Scotland International

HR – Selina Camera/Head of Customer Experience & Digital – Jamie Broadbent

JT International

Thierry Berthouloux (CTO)

C5 Alliance

Ceri Riddett (HR)


Paul Johnson


Matthew Robins

Infuse Group

Tom Hacquoil


Adrian Akers

Beaulieu institute of technology

Paul Spencer/Stuart Philips

Victoria College

Alexa Munn