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Technology is increasingly having an impact on our everyday lives, including how we learn, and available career opportunities.

If you’re passionate about digital, or would like to develop your digital skills, we can help; from engaging with Industry for technical support, to offering a space to teach, learn, collaborate and network.

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Become a member

Digital Jersey wants to work in partnership with schools and higher education providers to build a digitally skilled workforce and close the gap between what students are taught, with what employers need.

Be part of a diverse and collaborative community of tech professionals to share ideas, information and opportunities by joining Digital Jersey as a member for FREE.

Use our space

With two island Hubs providing well equipped events and training spaces, Digital Jersey provide inventive and inspiring environments for students to benefit from exposure to the digital industries.

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Connect with the industry

The Digital Skills Partnership is designed to bring together industry and education, to deliver the Digital Skills Strategy 2018-2023, following the recommendations of the University of Exeter.


Facebook Advertising workshop

Starting a digital business – legal considerations

Digital Marketing strategy for your business

Safer internet day

Lunch talks

Small business advice