Consultant Business Analyst – Prosperity 24/7

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Prosperity 24/7


[email protected]

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Friday 30th June 2023

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Consultant Business Analyst to join our Strategy & Change Team, who is proficient in applying business analysis techniques which help when investigating, analysing, modelling and recording a business area or system of interest.  You will have excellent stakeholder management skills and will be able to effectively manage client expectations, whilst delivering and embedding change successfully. A core component of your role is analytical thinking. You’ll gain an understanding of a problem or situation by breaking it down systematically into its component parts and identifying the relationships between those parts.

Our Strategy & Change Team, are our Great Minds, Always Evolving.  They have the strategic business intelligence to power digital transformation for our clients.

Carry on reading for details about the role but we expect you to be able to define your own job specification as part of our commitment to trusting our colleagues.

Essential Skills

The ideal candidate will be able to carry out the following aspects of the role:

  • Work with colleagues and other stakeholders to investigate and model business functions, business processes, information flows and data structures;
  • Investigate operational issues, problems and new opportunities;
  • Seek effective business solutions through improvements in aspects of business areas or systems of interest.
  • Assist in the analysis of underlying issues and their root causes, and identify available options;
  • Specify data, data objects and information flows that align with the needs of the business;
  • Produce business analysis deliverables using relevant documentation styles in line with organisational standards using appropriate tools;
  • Facilitate stakeholder meetings and workshops, and present findings and actions both verbally and in writing to the business;
  • Assist in defining user acceptance tests for new or improved business processes and IT systems;
  • Assist in defining holistic solutions that address organisational, people, processes, information and technology aspects; justifying the solutions when supporting the development of a business case for a business change initiative.
  • Apply techniques which help when investigating, analysing, modelling and recording a business area or system of interest. Examples include: business environment analysis and process modelling.
  • Proficient in using tools (manual or automated) to record the structure, relationships and use of information within an organisation. Examples include: class diagram and relational data model.
  • Familiar with applying standards, practices, codes, and assessment and certification programmes relevant to the IT industry and the specific organisation or business domain.
  • Aware of the discipline associated with data sets so large and/or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate. The data files may include: structured, unstructured and/or semi-structured data, such as unstructured text, audio, video, etc. Challenges include: analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, manipulation, analysis, visualisation and information privacy.

About You

The ideal candidate must have a minimum of 2 years experience working in a similar role.  Together with strong communication, technical and analytical skills and an understanding of project management methodologies and tools with the ability to work to deadlines and be able to adapt as required to business needs.

What do you receive in return? 


This role sits within the Strategy & Change Team, who are a strong team working on significant projects and initiatives across our diverse client base. As well as being part of a great team, essential things such as a great salary, security, holidays and training are on offer – oh, and our USP…? A life, yes that is right, work / life balance is critical to our healthy team ethos, just check out our community page to gain an insight into our team psyche. If this all sounds frighteningly familiar then again, this is great news and we look forward to welcoming you to the team.  If you love innovation and want to be part of something better, working for a dynamic yet secure business, then look no further. Simply send your details and a current CV to [email protected]