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DJX Technologist

Digital Jersey is the economic development agency and representative body for the digital industry in Jersey.

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Digital Jersey


Nina Lindblad

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Wednesday 30th September 2020

As DJX Technologist you will work on a range of projects, including developing your own work where practical. You will engage with local stakeholders in businesses and the community to develop problem statements around a stated need. You will then identify where technology may provide a solution, prototype the design, deploy trial systems and iterate as needed. You may also be involved with deployments of highly specialised IoT technology as part of Digital Jersey’s Sandbox programme, acting as local technical liaison, or supporting community-led projects.

As the DJX Technologist you will also dedicate some time to leading educational workshops and introductory sessions for different audiences ranging from students to business leaders to skilled developers. We hope you will use some of your time to learn new skills and be engaged with sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. We anticipate that you will create a particular flavour for your work, focussing intensively on one area, data science, or office automation, or sustainable tech etc (for example), but we do not expect you to limit your work to one topic where other opportunities are present. We don’t have a specified topic but invite those which can be applied in Jersey.

Person description

As this role requires interaction with a range of stakeholders you will be able to communicate confidently with technical and non-technical partners alike and will be a good facilitator of collaborative work and co-design. You will have some demonstrable experience developing technical solutions in an academic, industrial, or business settings and can show examples of previous work or achievements over a period of several months.

Essential capabilities

  • Expertise in an applied technology domain relevant to Jersey businesses or communities
  • Confident and able communicator in technical and business settings
  • General IT and network troubleshooting capability
  • Familiar with a broad range of technologies
  • Be resident in Jersey for the duration of your residency (excluding holidays and business travel)

Role Description

As DJX Technologist you may be responsible for a mixture of the following, depending on your specific skill set and preferences:

Stakeholders & Community

  • Use DJX to engage closely with local business stakeholders, the Eagle Lab and relevant off-island academic institutions to develop technology projects in response to business needs
  • Respond to business needs around evolving through and beyond a pandemic
  • Engage with students via the Head of Academy for school workshops, holiday sessions for students, or participating in UK/global tech challenges
  • Run a series of workshops/sessions/clinics for different target groups at DJX
  • Occasionally run “introduction to…” events to socialise emerging technology and techniques
  • Publish tech-related blogs or articles online and in various island media

 Software & Data

  • Tweak readily available embedded software or firmware to meet design requirements, or write your own
  • Set up data acquisition/collection and processing flows, appropriately secured
  • Create endpoints for user interaction with data
  • Design and create imaginative data visualisation and display interfaces
  • Design and create augmented and virtual reality experiences
  • Use common office products to prototype automated business workflows


  • Build sensor and/or actuator systems with commonly available components, or select appropriate off-the-shelf systems
  • Select and implement communications modules for remote sensing installations
  • Work with specialist vendors and support Sandbox projects
  • Design and conduct suitable tests for hardware in the lab and in the field
  • Ensure the lab and stock is maintained

Benefits and Package

  • Flexible contract arrangements
  • Budget allocation for project work and workshop delivery
  • Stipend allowance for your own projects
  • Dedicated secure workspaces at DJX and in St Helier
  • Must be prepared to work some evenings and weekends for courses

If you are interested in this role or would like to refer someone, please email Nina Lindblad with your CV or portfolio and a cover letter by Wednesday 30 September 2020.