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Executive Assistant

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Symmetry Investments



Closing Date:

Friday 31st December 2021

About Us

Symmetry Investments is a global investment company with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Jersey and Cayman Islands. We have been in business since 2014 after successfully spinning off from a major New York-based hedge fund.

At Symmetry Investments, we seek to engage in intelligent risk-taking to create value for our clients, partners and employees. We derive our edge from our capacity to generate Win-Wins – in the broadest sense. Win-Win is our fundamental ethical and strategic principle. By generating Win-Wins, we can create unique solutions that reconcile perspectives that are usually seen as incompatible or opposites, and encompass the best that each side has to offer:

We integrate fixed-income arbitrage with global macro strategies in a novel way.

We invent and develop technology that focuses on the potential of human-machine integration.

We build systems where machines do what they do best, supporting people to do what people do best.

We are creating a collaborative meritocracy: a culture where individual contribution serves both personal and collective goals – and is rewarded accordingly.

We value both ownership thinking AND cooperative team spirit, self-realisation AND community.

The Role

Symmetry is looking for an exceptional candidate to join our growing Strategic Execution team as an Executive Assistant. Among the traits we value are: curiosity, motivation, resourcefulness, good taste, common sense, a commercial orientation, humility, courage, and we would be particularly interested in candidates with some programming knowledge, although this is not a pre-requisite. We value virtue and capability over experience and credentials, although those are also valuable.

The position will involve a combination of administrative work along with project management and research work. The ability to write well will be very helpful. Our team interacts with colleagues across the firm as well as with senior management. Honesty with a sense of humour, openness to new ideas, and humility to accept and respond to feedback are valuable. An interest in technology and programming is not a pre-requisite, but we value technical ability and mechanical sympathy.

Core Responsibilities

  • Schedule meetings and coordinate calendars
  • Coordinate with colleagues across different regions
  • Document work and answer administrative issues on behalf of management
  • Other general admin: collate and submit expenses; answer phone calls where necessary
  • Assist with project planning and execution
  • Log and follow up on action points
  • Help to document minutes of meetings
  • Help with research tasks such as new vendors, news topics etc…


  • Strong intellectual capability, evidenced by a degree and/or relevant qualification (for example, secretarial)
  • Some understanding of business fundamentals preferable
  • Computing skills: a familiarity with an interest in computers is ideal, but is not a deal breaker
  • Positive and enthusiastic approach.
  • Flexible and able to adapt to change in a rapidly evolving environment
  • Strong communication skills – needs to work with colleagues globally; ideally able to express oneself well in writing
  • Good general organisational skills, including conscientiousness and punctuality
  • Positive and proactive, can-do attitude