Python Software Developer - Istary Capital Limited

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Istary Capital Limited


Thomas Jozef Vermeiren

Closing Date:

Saturday 31st December 2022

Do you have a passion for financial markets, investing or cryptocurrencies? Have you got experience in the hedge fund world or would you like to know how it works? Are you interested in joining a technology driven proprietary trading firm to work on complex trading systems? Istary Capital is looking for a motivated software developer to join our dynamic, startup-like team.

Role and responsibilities:

  • Become a vital part of a small team of four where you help to build fast and scalable trading systems and strategies. Because we are a small team, we can offer you a great variety of work and a chance to take on more responsibilities as you grow in your role

  • You will lead, design and implement one of the many interesting projects we have lined up. These can go from websocket and api integrations on new trading venues to improving the speed and scalability of our trading systems

  • Communicate openly and to the point with colleagues allowing you to prioritise work and have an enormous impact on what we do

  • You will be empowered to recommend and make changes and improvements to new or existing systems we have in place

  • As a software developer you are committed to building innovative solutions in order to make our trading systems more robust, fast and scalable on a continuous basis

  • You code efficiently, structured and ensure that code is of the highest quality and solutions are well tested

  • Work on continuous builds, testing and deploying your code to a live environment while also helping to identify and fix bugs

The above summary of your role within our team is just a rough indication. A great advantage of being a small company is that we do not have fixed roles meaning your responsibilities may shift depending on where you are needed most. Our highly flexible approach ensures you will never be bored in your role while simultaneously allowing you to gain valuable experience and develop your skills as you grow together with our organisation.


Our systems are all running on Linux and the majority of our code is in Python. For database management, we rely heavily on PostgreSQL. Internal communication is done through Discord. Our technology is never static as we constantly develop new tools and libraries. 

As one of our software developers we expect you to have the following set of skills:

  • You have extensive expertise with Python programming – more specifically, you are familiar with multiprocessing / multithreading, websockets, REST apis, scrapers, debugging, etc.; you are familiar with tools to optimise speed in python using C-extensions (numba, cython, etc.)

  • You enjoy collaborating with others in a fast-paced environment

  • You have a general understanding of financial markets and instruments or a strong desire to learn more about them

  • Ideally you will have experience in working with large time series data sets and Python libraries such as SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, etc.

  • You have experience with deployment and maintenance of public cloud services (e.g. AWS, Linode, Azure)

  • You are proficient in using Linux and bash

  • You are able to write queries in postgres and know how to maintain tables using yoyo

  • You are experienced with Git & Github

  • You have strong English communication skills

We do not necessarily require all of the above skills to be met. We highly value motivation and eagerness to catch up on any missing skills!

What we offer you:

  • A flexible working environment both in terms of working hours as well as location – remote work is the norm in our team as we work from multiple locations throughout Asia and Europe; our only requirement is a significant overlap with the Asian or European time zones

  • Interesting and challenging projects with a lot of variety, where we leave room for growth and new ideas

  • A dynamic and supportive team to work with. In order to keep our systems online and trading 24/7, we aim to provide help to each other whenever it is needed

  • The ability to write, test and deploy within a matter of days or weeks, allowing you to see the impact of your contribution to our trading systems first hand

  • The ability to receive a Jersey (Channel Islands) work permit allowing you to work and live in Jersey, or use Jersey as a base to support your Digital Nomad lifestyle

  • A competitive salary where variable payoff can be discussed; we can also offer additional benefits such as private healthcare insurance