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Prosperity 24/7


[email protected]

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Wednesday 30th November 2022

To meet high project demand, we are recruiting for a Senior Business Analyst. You will be an experienced, professional & motivated individual who is highly proficient in applying business analysis techniques which help when investigating, analysing, modelling and recording a business area or system of interest.

You use information modelling tools (manual or automated) to record the structure, relationships and use of information within an organisation, whilst having a passion to understand and apply standards, practices, codes, and assessment and certification programmes relevant to the IT industry and the specific organisation or business domain.

You will have a passion for making a difference as a Senior Business Analyst; whether it be supporting our Business Solutions or Technical Solutions Teams in delivering leading-edge systems or platforms, or working as a dedicated project resource for our clients.

The successful candidate will have excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills and will have adaptability and flexibility to changing technology and best practices.

Essential skills 

  • Investigate business problems and opportunities, and specify required changes to business processes, people skills, information, technology and organisation structures and roles. You’ll select, apply and monitor the use of modelling and analysis techniques, methods and standards in an informed and proficient way
  • Work effectively with senior business and IT stakeholders, conducting investigations at a strategic level and assuring the feasibility of proposed solutions. You’ll take a holistic view of the business situations investigated, ensure that stakeholder perspectives are identified and analysed with a view to achieving consensus, so that business objectives and requirements are understood and provide a context with which recommended solutions are aligned
  • Be advising senior stakeholders on business change priorities within the context of the organisational strategy and objectives
  • Utilise business knowledge and experience to assess and advise on the feasibility and relevance of proposed options for business and technical change
  • Be the lead for the detailed specification and modelling of holistic solutions using standards, methods and techniques as required. You’ll maintain links with colleagues within related disciplines such as business operations, software engineering and service delivery functions and support the deployment of business and technical changes
  • Use your skills to plan, arrange and facilitate meetings and workshops with stakeholders throughout the business change and software development lifecycles; taking responsibility for the management of stakeholder relationships across different levels of seniority
  • Support business case development through the identification and definition of business and technical options that will address the business objectives and requirements, and the analysis of the costs, benefits, risks and impacts for each option
  • Assist business stakeholders in defining acceptance tests for new business processes and IT systems, and take responsibility for the effective execution of the acceptance tests

About you 

You will have excellent analytical, problem solving and communication skills as well as the ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team, delivering a wide range of project services to our clients. 

Proven experience in establishing relationships, analysing perspectives and managing stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines; adapting stakeholder engagement style to meet the needs of different audiences. You’ll be able to identify key business stakeholders and assess their levels of power and interest and their perspectives to inform the way(s) in which they should be considered and managed. 

What do you receive in return? 

In this role, you will be a key member of the Strategy & Change department, working with a strong team on significant projects and initiatives across our client base. You will be empowered to make key decisions within an ambitious high growth business and technology practice  and have the ability to flourish and realise your aspirations by working in clients that are both local and International. And of course the essential things, a great device and team to work with, salary, security, holidays and training – oh, and our USP…? A life, yes that is right, work / life balance is critical to our healthy team ethos, just check out our community page to gain an insight into our team psyche. If this all sounds frighteningly familiar then again, this is great news and we look forward to welcoming you to the team. 

If you love innovation and want to be part of something better, working for a dynamic yet secure business, then look no further.

Simply send your details and a current CV to [email protected]