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Senior IT Consultant

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samineh tarique

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Monday 15th February 2021

Job Description

As a Senior IT Consultant, the role will be that of develop/support/ conduct analysis and support of Lotus Notes applications, IBM Content and Enterprise record manager, 5 series and Kofax in the financial services space. The role also required you to work independently, have excellent communication skills, ability to share your know knowledge with the team and support the team in its development.

The job requires financial services experience as essential to this role. To be able to conduct your day today responsibilities with ease, you would need to have:

  • Interact with business users, analyze functional business applications and design specifications for functional areas
  • Translates detailed design into Lotus Notes based solutions and deploy to all environments
  • Support existing 150+ Notes applications
  • Develop crystal report and maintain
  • Administration and security handling for Notes servers
  • Create/update new document areas in Content manager as per user requirements and deploy to all environments
  • Support existing content manager application
  • Administration and security handling for Content Manager servers
  • Develop new batches for Kofax as per user requirement and deploy to all environments
  • Support existing batches in Kofax.
  • Administration and security handling for Kofax servers
  • Develop new area in IBM Enterprise Records Manager (IER) and deploy to all environments
  • Querying, Reporting, optimization in DB2 databases for CM and IER
  • Support SQL databases required in multiple applications
  • Querying, Reporting, optimization of SQL databases
  • Manage all application server deployment to Dynatrace
  • Manage notification with PagerDuty for all applications
  • Assist all other teams under WMBI jersey to onboard with Dynatrace and PagerDuty
  • Support multiple other in house applications
  • Develop unit and functional test plan
  • Conduct unit, system, Integration testing and troubleshooting. Prepares required documentation, including both program-level and user-level documentation

Extensive work experience in following:

  • HCL Lotus Notes and Domino
  • IBM Enterprise Content Management
  • IBM Enterprise Records
  • Kofax Capture
  • ASP Dotnet
  • Crystal Reports and BO – Report design and administration

It would be advantageous to have knowledge on below technologies/product:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • TrustQuay 5Series business operation product
  • Dynatrace – Performance management tool
  • IBM Datastage
  • IBM Infoshpere Data Replication (IIDR)
  • Microsoft VBA

Reference ID: JS-IM

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent