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Senior Power BI / Data Analytics Developer

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Prosperity 24/7


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Sunday 30th January 2022

If you love innovation and want to be part of something better, working for a dynamic yet secure business, then look no further. 

You will be au fait with general SharePoint, SQL, Power BI and industry standard reporting tools as well as having a neat set of acceleration tools for Data Warehouse design and development.

You will have worked in multi-national engagements, have a fantastic grasp of Financial Analytics as well as User Experience and a passion for making data beautiful, this will all ensure that the right data is surfaced at the right time to facilitate real insights and informed business decisions. You will also be able to evangelise about our Financial Services reporting products that will help fast track success for many clients in diverse sectors.

If this all sounds frighteningly familiar then again, this is great news and we look forward to welcoming you to the team.

What do you receive in return? A place in our team, an ability to flourish, to realise your aspirations and to have a prosperous life by working with clients that are both local and international. And of course the essential things, a great device and team to work with, salary, security, holidays and training – oh, and our USP…? A life, yes that is right, work / life balance is critical to our healthy team ethos, just check our website to gain an insight into our team psyche.

How do I learn more? Simply send your details and a current CV to