Senior Software Developer - Elise

Contract Type:


Role Type:


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£70,000 +

Company Name:

Elise (Jersey) Limited


Richard Gilbert

Closing Date:

Saturday 31st December 2022

Fast growing fintech business requires a highly capable developer to work on all aspects of our proprietary liquidity provision software.

We’re looking for an experienced senior developer who:

– Has strong academic credentials

– Has professional experience working in multiple object orientated languages

– Is happy to take ownership of projects and work autonomously

– Has written performance sensitive code

– Knows when and why to use the correct data structure (array, list, map, etc)

– Enjoys low-level techniques such as using bit masks and packing binary buffers

– Knows their way around a linux box

– Brings new ideas to the table

What you’ll be doing:

– Working on low-latency linux based Java and C++ event driven distributed systems

– Developing our C# Windows WPF front end

– Writing unit tests for our business critical code

– Deploying to exchange colocated servers

– Considering latencies in microseconds not milliseconds

– Liaising with colleagues to work out requirements

Things that might tempt you to join us:

– Small, friendly, capable team of developers, quants and market liquidity specialists

– Light on processes and deadlines

– Focus on getting things right

– Frequent releases (preferably daily)

– Nice modern office on the Digital Jersey Forum 4 Floor (Grenville Street)