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University Bursary with Corefocus

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Corefocus Consultancy Limited


Matt van Sanden

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Thursday 30th September 2021

If you are leaving school with A-levels to pursue further education in Computer Science, then you need to check-out the Corefocus Bursary. 

Since 2008, Corefocus have provided a bursary and work experience support to a local university student studying for a computer science (or equivalent) degree.

 The Bursary comprises an annual cash award of £2,000 (paid on a termly basis) matched with paid holiday work experience at Corefocus of 6-10 weeks per annum paid at well above minimum wage levels. We undertake that this work will be both related to your future career and worthwhile.

 Your future career will require you to match your technical ability with work experience and our bursary is aimed at helping you achieve that…as well as easing the financial strain of being at university.

 So, If you are interested in finding out more about Corefocus and the opportunities that we offer, please contact our Managing Director, Matt van Sanden, and submit your CV and cover letter to