AI (Copilot) for Microsoft 365 & Teams

  • Wednesday 20th March
  • Free (0 Credits)
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Wednesday 20th March 9.30am – 12.30pm



Free – 0 Credits

Key Features

1. Introduction to Microsoft Teams and Automation Basics: An overview of Microsoft Teams as a collaborative platform and the fundamentals of workflow automation.

2. Automating Routine Tasks in Microsoft Teams: Demonstrating how to automate common tasks such as scheduling, reminders, and data management to streamline team processes.

3. Leveraging AI for Smart Automation in Teams: Exploring the use of AI to enhance automation, including AI-driven analytics for data interpretation and automated decision-making processes.

4. Enhancing Team Collaboration through Automation: Techniques for using automation to improve team coordination, such as automated scheduling of meetings, consistent team updates, and efficient project tracking.

5. Integrating Third-Party Automation Tools with Teams: Guidance on incorporating external automation tools with Microsoft Teams to extend its capabilities for automated reporting, task allocation, and workflow management.

6. Customising Automated Workflows for Optimised Efficiency: Tailoring automated workflows to meet the specific needs of different teams and projects, maximising productivity while minimising manual labour.

7. Preparing for Future AI Integration in Teams (2024 Outlook): Focusing on upcoming AI advancements and how they can be integrated into Microsoft Teams in 2024. This includes understanding potential new features, preparing for enhanced AI capabilities, and strategizing for future technological shifts in team collaboration.

8. Best Practices for Effective Automation Implementation: Discussing strategies for successful automation implementation, encompassing planning, user training, and change management.

9. Case Studies and Real-World Applications: Examining real-world instances where automation within Microsoft Teams has led to significant improvements in team efficiency and project management.

10. Interactive Workshops and Practical Exercises: Participating in hands-on workshops and exercises to apply automation and AI principles in Microsoft Teams, enabling practical experience and skill development.

This course is ideal for professionals looking to optimise teams efficiency and stay ahead of the curve in AI and automation trends, particularly in anticipation of the new developments coming to Microsoft Teams in 2024.

Meet the lecturer

Rory Steel

    Rory is Head of the Digital Jersey Academy and has always been a passionate advocate of early adoption and strives to be at the forefront of innovation. As an Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Innovator, and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Rory believes global trends in education and technological innovation can be scaled more quickly in Jersey to deliver vast improvements.