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Continuum Alteryx Training

Alteryx Designer is a data toolset designed to empower business and technology users alike in using their data more effectively.

Rapidly prepare, blend, conform and analyse data from ANY source, including files, databases, APIs and more, all in a single instance.

All of this is accomplished using a visual workflow designer that is remarkably fun, intuitive, and easy to use, requiring no code (but is also code-friendly if you prefer!).

Businesses in Jersey, and throughout the entire world, are using Alteryx to democratise access to data and deliver real, meaningful process automation.

This is your opportunity to learn the Alteryx skills you need from the experts!



2 x Full Day sessions – Wednesday 24th August & Thursday 25th August


This course is fully funded as part of the Government’s Economic Recovery Plan.

Key features:

  • What is Alteryx?
  • Getting data into Alteryx
  • Preparing and cleansing data in Alteryx
  • Transforming and joining data in Alteryx
  • Publishing data from Alteryx
  • Real-world business use cases with Alteryx
  • Obtaining you Alteryx Core Certification (Business recognised qualification in Alteryx development)

Meet the lecturer – Ben Banim

Ben is a Data Consultant for Continuum with over 6-years’ experience developing in Alteryx for a myriad of different businesses.

He is extremely passionate about process streamlining and automation and enjoys delivering instant benefits to his clients by introducing them to, and supporting them in, the worlds most renowned and capable data preparation, blend, and analysis platform – Alteryx!

“Alteryx is just like solving puzzles with data in a fun and easy to use interface – what’s not to love?!”