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Digital Skills Courses (2021 - 2022) Addressing Cybersecurity Risk (for managers) October

Fully funded as part of the Fiscal Stimulus Programme, our new Digital Skills Courses (2021-2022) Addressing Cybersecurity Risk (for managers), is 1x half-day in October.


90% of data breaches are caused by human error.

In this half-day course for managers, we will look at the human error back story and what you can do to improve employee behaviour, as well as the tools that are available to you to help reduce your cyber security risk and lower your attack surface.

Course breakdown

1. Cybersecurity 101, cybercrimes and the impact of a security event
2. The role of human error
3. How to prevent human error, security controls


Times: 1.30pm-5pm

Dates: Thursday 7th October

Meet the Tutor – James Baker

Born in Derby, England, and raised in Jersey, James Baker hit the ground running, with an interest in computers and IT from a young age. He started his true IT journey in 2006 while working for a UK Cybersecurity distributor. Shortly after he negotiated 2 large data security projects with the UK National Health Service, which became the largest project of its type in Europe, deploying over 600,000 encrypted devices to protect sensitive patient information at over 250 NHS orgs, along with an annual managed service contract.

In 2013 James founded Secusol Security Solutions. This venture became a subsidiary for innovative cybersecurity vendors that wanted to innovate within EMEA markets. It was during this time he partnered with Swedish Tech firm C-two Products AB and helped co-design 8 unique data security solutions under the brand name Safexs, which led to deployments of over 300,000 units globally and is still being procured today. Due to the significant success of his business, he branched out by opening additional offices in Central and Eastern Europe and onboarded 12 contractors to work across various business departments and working with big tech giants such as ESET Technologies to further develop the Safexs solution.

More recently James rebranded Secusol Security Solutions into James Baker Technologies has been working with technology startups and small technology providers located in the Channel Islands to help increase brand awareness, improve their bottom lines, gain R&D funding, and to launch new products and services into local and international markets, in 2020 he produced and co-hosted Jersey’s first tech-themed podcast show, and in 2021 he started lecturing on the Digital Leadership Programme, a 2-year degree equivalent course.