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Digital Skills Courses (2021-2022) Digital Marketing 101 - 1x day

Fully funded as part of the Fiscal Stimulus Programme, our new Digital Skills Courses (2021-2022) Digital Marketing 1x day is on Thursday 16th September.


Learn how digital marketing can be used effectively, covering each of the digital channels, strategic planning and data and analytics. You will also receive a set of tools and techniques that can be taken away and used immediately.

Course breakdown

1. Introduction
2. Search
3. Optimisation
4. Social Media
5. Mobile Marketing
6. Display Advertising
7. Email Marketing
8. Campaign
9. Measurement
10 Digital Strategy

Duration: 1x full day on Thursday 16th September 9.30 – 16.30

Meet the Tutor – Daniel Rowles

Founder of the Digital Leadership Programme, Daniel has been working in Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation for the past 23 years, with extensive experience working both client-side and within the agency environment. He is a Programme Director at Imperial College Business School, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, CEO of and an award-winning author.

As the Digital Marketing Lead for the DLP, Daniel covers all aspects of digital marketing including social media, influencer marketing, search optimisation, email marketing and online advertising. He also teaches the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma for the course students and helps guide and prepare them for assignments.