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Digital Skills Courses (2021 - 2022) - HTML & CSS

Fully funded as part of the Fiscal Stimulus Programme, our new Digital Skills Courses (2021-2022) HTML & CSS, starts in September and comprises weekly lunchtime classes over 6 weeks.


This 6 week course will introduce you to coding by working with the building blocks of building web pages. Introducing HTML, CSS and Javascript, you’ll learn the core skills you need to build websites and that can be develop into full coding skills.

Course breakdown

1. Introduction – the purpose of HTML, CSS and Javascript and introduction to VSCode
2. Basic web pages and links and images
3. Introduction to CSS and the box model
4. CSS selectors and floats
5. Advanced positioning
6. Semantic HTML
7. Forms

Time: 12.30 – 14.00

Meet the Tutor

Ben has been working within the digital industries for the past 20 years, with extensive experience working within the agency environment where he has held Creative and Digital Director roles. He has also previously started, grown and sold his own agency. Being the Technology Lead and Lecturer for the DLP, Ben guides the students through web and app development, virtual and augmented reality, gaming, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, crypto, block-chain and many more.