Research with AI

  • Thursday 2nd November
  • £300 + GST (6 credits)
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This course will introduce consultants to the potential of AI in research, helping them deliver more accurate, timely and insightful outcomes for their clients.


Thursday 2nd November 1:30pm – 4:30pm


This course is £300 + GST (6 Credits)

Key Features

Who should attend?

Consultants, researchers, and analysts interested in leveraging AI to enhance their research capabilities.

Learning Outcomes

The role of AI – 1h

  • A look at recent trends and the rate of adoption
  • What’s causing the buzz

Introduction to AI for Research – 30 minutes

  • Overview of AI and its implications for research
  • AI tools and methods for research
  • Case studies of AI in research

AI for Data Collection and Analysis – 30 minutes

  • Leveraging AI for retrieval
  • Leveraging off-the-shelf tools for data cleaning and pre-processing
  • Visualizing research outcomes with ChatGPT Code Interpreter (if available) or building your own app

Machine Learning Research – 1h

  • Introduction to predictive modelling with AI
  • Introduction to clustering
  • Introduction to principal component analysis
Meet the Lecturer

Vincent Sider

    With over 20 years of experience as a digital strategist, e-commerce and marketing practitioner, Vincent has helped organisations define and build their digital strategies and enhance their digital marketing. He has worked globally with some of the world’s leading organisations, developing world-class data-driven marketing as Head of Strategy for British Telecom, Vice President for social media at the BBC, Head of, and Strategic Adviser to the Royal Foundation. He is an award-winning lecturer and an alumnus of Mines ParisTech and lead course director on AI for the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Vincent now specializes in training employees and assisting organisations with their AI transformation and growth. His ambition is to deliver learning programs and marketing services focused on the business world’s most cutting-edge skills and needs.