Teams – Collaboration: Documents

  • Thursday 15th August / Friday 16th August
  • Free – 0 credits
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In today’s dynamic work environment, effective collaboration is paramount. Microsoft Teams, along with Outlook, is at the heart of your business and a powerful hub for teamwork, enabling seamless communication, file sharing, and project coordination.

Whether you’re a Business User, Project Manager, Team Lead, or Knowledge Worker, this course will be essential to your organisation’s operational productivity, helping you to collaborate on and locate files and folders, understand the importance of links versus attachments, and learn how SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive work together.

Understand how to use Teams to find channel files and folders quickly, know where to save documents and how to share files and folders. Also how to collaborate on a document and view the version history.

This course is for individuals who want to use Microsoft Teams in their day-to-day business practices in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365 to accelerate their productivity, generate digital content, and manage their workflow efficiencies across all the Microsoft 365 suite applications.

Laptops will be required for this course along with access to the Microsoft 365 suite and Microsoft Teams. Applicants must also have basic IT skills.


Thursday 15th August – 9.30am – 11.30am

Friday 16th August – 9.30am – 11.30am


Free – 0 credits

Key Features
  • What to save and where more efficiently
  • How to find your channel files & folders quickly
  • How to share files and folders via links
  • How to collaborate on a document & update information effectively
  • How to use autosave & version history to best effect
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