Video Editing – Intro

  • Monday 11th December 2023
  • Free (0 Credits)
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Monday 11th December 2023 9:30am – 1pm


Free (0 Credits)

Key Features

In this introductory session, you will begin to appreciate the art of video editing and discover its significance in shaping compelling narratives and learn about its role in engaging the audience. You will gain a deeper appreciation for the editor’s creative choices and the power they wield in crafting captivating stories. This session is designed to ignite a passion for visual storytelling and set the stage for a deeper exploration of video editing in Premiere Pro across the subsequent two session course.

Meet the Lecturer
Video Editing – Intro

Terry Stevens

    Terry Stevens is a seasoned media professional and lecturer with over fifteen years of expertise in film, video, and podcasts. Throughout his career, he has worked internationally and been involved in the successful release of more than 100 titles, including Bafta and Academy Award-winning documentaries. Terry’s wealth of experience extends to his work with an industry-leading educational video start-up, provided invaluable insights into the evolving media landscape and its intersection with learning