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Future Tech Talent – Trident

What are you doing to attract the best A-level and graduate applicants?  Many talented students are by-passing the tech industry because their first impression of work is the Trident work experience scheme.

Every year over 1000 14/15 year old students are placed by Trident, of which, around 150 are looking for a creative tech related experience.  Very few are able to have the experience of a tech placement because not enough employers are offering students the opportunity.  This affects their perception and understanding of how feasible a modern career in technology is.  There is no doubt that talented people will look at their alternatives from A-level onwards.

If you want to inspire talent from the very beginning of their journey then get in touch to offer a Trident work placement.

Placements could be anywhere where creativity and skills work together in technology – for instance coding; development and IT and product or service design.  Placements are for 2-3 weeks, coordinated by the Careers Jersey Trident team.

Contact Deborah Midgley  T: 449431