A new paradigm in web-app security

Andy Prow CEO & Founder of Aura InfoSec & Aura RedShield.

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'Paradigm shift in how to secure your web-apps' 


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A new paradigm in web-app security



Web-app security is one of the most broken things we see, day in, day out. People are getting better at securing networks, patching servers, but rich functional web-apps, portals, customer management systems, especially when plugging into complex and old enterprise back-ends is usually really bad from a security perspective, and slow, expensive or often impossible to fix. The industry approach is to pen-test and vulnerability scan, perhaps train your developers and then go away and fix. When you're done, come back and do another test and see if you're any better, and hope that no new attacks have been released in the interim. Of course the business decision is often to just to accept the risk and hope those flaws don't get exploited. 

In my opinion there are many out there for whom this approach is failing. It's time for something new... 

Andy will present on Aura's research and current thinking on how to battle this issue and the paradigm shift that's needed. 

Feel free to learn, discuss, challenge, agree enthusiastically and argue vehemently.  



Andy Prow is the CEO and Founder of Aura InfoSec and Aura RedShield. 

With a BSc Hons in Computer Science and Software Engineering Andy started his IT career developing code for the likes of IBM, Telecom, Vodafone and Ericssons. 

Since launching the Aura group in 2001 he now employs 41 staff, located in NZ, Australia and the US. 

Aura performs penetration testing (CREST certified), secure developer training, red-teaming and security auditing for most of NZ's "A-list" customers, plus high value customers in Ausy, US, Canada and the UK.

Aura InfoSec has been in the Deloitte APAC Tech Fast 500 for 4 years, and last year was a first year for both Aura InfoSec and Aura RedShield to be in this list. 

17 August 2015
17:30 - 19:30
Digital Jersey Hub, Grenville Street, St Helier, JE2 4UF

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