CONNECT Seminar: Working with Digital Industry

Ted Ridgway Watt

CEO of Digital Jersey, Ted Ridgway Watt will be the lead at Jersey’s October CONNECTion Breakfast, starting at 7.45am on 11th October at the Pomme d’Or Hotel.

The CONNECTion Breakfast Seminar will be held the day after Digital Jersey’s 2014 Business Plan is presented to members of industry and government.

At the CONNECTion Seminar, Ted Ridgway Watt will make some recommendations on how other industries can work closely with the digital sector to benefit from the skills, knowledge and innovation. Ted will also elaborate on the benefits of a digitally enabled community and why it is something the Island should be aspiring towards.

If you would like to attend the CONNECTion Breakfast Seminar, please email Julie Todd at to reserve a place.

11 October 2013
Pomme d’Or Hotel