eGov Big Data and Data Science

Francine Bennett

eGov Big Data and Data Science


Francine Bennett, CEO and co-founder of Mastodon C the agile big data specialists. Mastodon C offer the open source Hadoop and Cassandra-powered technology and the technical and analytical skills which help large organisations realise the potential of their data.

Francine is a recognised expert in the application of analytics and 'data science' techniques. She has been an invited speaker to the Royal Society and is an adviser to the Cabinet Office on the best use of data. She has a first class degree in Maths & Philosophy, and was previously an analytic lead at Google. Francine is also a trustee of DataKind UK.

Francine's talk will cover:

- Why is big data an opportunity?
- Data science, clustering, text analysis, predictive modelling and advanced analytics
- Examples and lessons from the trenches: approach, success factors and common failures.

25 January 2017
17:00 - 18:00
Digital Jersey Hub

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