IoT with Smart City San Jose's Leo Kenny

Leo Kenny, Smart City San Jose

IoT with Smart City San Jose's Leo Kenny

Join Leo Kenny for a round table discussion about the strategies needed to provide a systematic, long term approach to realising an intelligent (and smarter) island.


Some examples of these approaches, which have successfully been employed by hi tech companies for many years, include the process of developing a long term vision and goals, technical roadmapping, tools and systems for tracking and managing progress to goals, employing a ‘LEAN’ evaluation of your existing systems and capabilities, etc.  Leo is also coming to Jersey to  get to know what the Digital Jersey members want and to listen to what they envision a ‘smart island’ should be.  This will be key in developing a vision, plan and strategies, for the initiative, especially for driving quick wins.

Leo served as senior program manager and technical content expert for the Smart Cities (San Jose) initiative. He was the primary driver of the first of a kind IoT project for the company that was selected as part of the White House Smart America Challenge. This effort focused on the deployment of a network of air emissions sensors, to monitor air quality and provide localized information that could be incorporated into a variety of use cases of value to the City, citizens and local infrastructure.

6 September 2016
The Digital Hub

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