Island Innovator Conference

Yossi Vardi

Island Innovator Conference

Hosted by Yossi Vardi, the Island Innovators [un]Conference is a three day, by invitation only event, bringing together 120 digital entrepreneurs, thinkers, opinion makers and influencers from around the world.

Following the FooCamp, Stream & Kinnernet model, there will be no schedule. Rather, everyone is encouraged to participate as the content will be generated by the crowd.  Island Innovators will challenge the status quo and encourage debate, discussion, interaction and creativity in a way not normally possible in the confines of normal conference structures or corporate meetings.

Taking inspiration from the surroundings, Island Innovators will be a dynamic, fun, exciting event which will help forge new relationships with key digital thinkers, rising stars and influencers.  Over three days there will be over 50 discussion sessions, gadget shows, music, digital art, midnight cooking madness, film screening and an Islanders Gala Finale.

With fresh thinking about the future of the internet, communications and media, Island Innovators will create an ecosystem and build a community. This opportunity is not to be missed and will change the way you look at the world in which we live and how it will impact your business.

Date: 3rd April - 6th April 2014

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3 April 2014
Ommaroo Hotel

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