Leading change from the front

Hazel Thomson

Leading change from the front

Active and visible sponsorship are cited as the key elements of successful change delivery. Therefore, if you are leading a change project or responsible for its delivery, it's vital you are aware of the components of effective change leadership. If your role as change sponsor is in addition to your day job, then this session is a must.

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By the end of the programme, you will have learned key concepts about leading successful change, as well as reviewing effective and ineffective sponsorship practices and behaviours. Focusing on both knowledge and practical application, the programme will prepare you to:

  • Describe the essential components of successful change
  • Identify the reasons why change fails
  • Identify the expectations of an executive sponsor
  • List the most common sponsor mistakes and what you can do to avoid these
  • Consider your role in leading change and what you need to start/stop/continue doing


  • Managing change for business results
  • Individual responses to change
  • The difference between change management and project management
  • The impact of the sponsor on project success
  • The top five most common sponsor mistakes
  • The sponsor's multidimensional role
  • Assessing your project readiness for change success


Hazel Thomson, a Change Architect at Marbral has worked across the globe for blue-chip organisations including Accenture, BSkyB and Freescale Semiconductor; leading significant change programmes and implementing organisational strategies that deliver the highest return on ‘people’.

20 July 2017
08:00 - 10:00
08 Hill Street Executive Offices


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