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Cyril Dyer

Open data community project

Don't Fear The Data, Embrace The Future' - What Makes 'OPEN Glasgow' A Success and How Can This Support the 'Future St Helier' Initiative

Open data is data that can be freely used, and redistributed by anyone and allows organisations and individuals to produce data driven decisions.

We have organised a visit from Cyril Dyer who was instrumental in the success of Glasgow’s’ Open Data project which we will utilise to support the ‘Future St Helier’ initiative. Cyril will be in Jersey to give presentation regards the value of Open Data and to further your understanding of the technical or interpretative challenges.

Cyril Dyer Bio:

Cyril Dyer is a leading business transformation professional.                    

Cyril’s working life spans Asia, Europe, Africa and the US leading both organisational and cultural programmes. His specific interset is the role of technology to enable transformational change. Cyril is very insightful and has been the driver behind the success of the award winning Glasgow Future City program which has now been shortlisted for a European Award for Economic Growth and is now receiving global recognition.

16 February 2016
5.30pm – 7.00pm
Digital Jersey Hub

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